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D-Devil Vector Illustration - Gospodinov Design
D-Devil Vector Illustration - Gospodinov Design

Quick Introduction

A creative with a strong background in enterprise projects, I've honed my skills as a seasoned UX Consultant. My journey began in front-end development and graphic design. Beyond the screen, my creative spirit finds piece in producing music.
"Success comes naturally when work feels like playing in the park – embrace the joy, ace your journey."
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UX Case Studies

In this section, I unwrap the stories behind my UX case studies. 
Based on my experience, each project is like a puzzle waiting to be solved, with its own uniqueness and challenges.
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Web Designs

With years of experience under my belt, I've witnessed the transformation of web design tools - from the era of Photoshop to the rise of XD, and now the industry standard, Figma. My approach is rooted in client satisfaction, balanced with a commitment to industry best practices and exceptional user experience. Each design prioritizes function over form, ensuring seamless interaction and user engagement.
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  • MVMT Mockup Design - UX/UI - Gospodinov
    IconFilms Mockup Design - UX/UI - Gospodinov
    Nike Mockup Design - UX/UI - Gospodinov
  • Watkins Glen Mockup Design - UX/UI - Gospodinov
    Trek Mountain Mockup Design - UX/UI - Gospodinov
    Vzaro Mockup Design - UX/UI - Gospodinov
  • Sandra Food Stylist Mockup Design - UX/UI - Gospodinov
    Gospodinov's portfolio of websites
  • MVMT Mockup Design - UX/UI - Gospodinov
  • IconFilms Mockup Design - UX/UI - Gospodinov
  • Nike Mockup Design - UX/UI - Gospodinov

Logo Designs

What really is a perfect logo? I guess the answer can vary a lot from client to client.
That's why my goal has always been to help clients distinguish themselves among their competitors.
Expolore Logos
  • Infinite LLC - Logo Project - Gospodinov Design
  • Great Hair Saloon - Logo Project - Gospodinov Design
  • Zagora Machining & Design - Logo Project - Gospodinov Design
  • Hendrick's Design - Logo Project - Gospodinov Design
  • VistaIn Logo Project - Gospodinov Design

Print Designs

Starting my creative journey as a graphic designer, I immersed myself in Adobe Software - InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and XD, learning best practices for print, logos, and web designs. Through courses and hands-on projects, I've honed my skills to deliver functional, modern print designs that satisfy clients' needs while staying contemporary.
A row of open magazines with vibrant graphic design covers on sports, art, dance workshops, and business reports.
3D Coffee Cup Illustration - Gospodinov Design


My journey in design led me to explore the digital drawing and illustrations world, fostering tools like Adobe Illustrator and Procreate to create captivating visuals. 
Embracing innovation, I've integrated AI-powered tools like Midjourney and Adobe Firefly into my workflow, generating and refining illustrations for social media posts.

Website Solutions

Developing websites has been another important part of my life. Over the years I’ve designed and developed many websites for various businesses, which has helped me gain better understanding of the specific requirements within the different markets.
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I believe that creative collaboration between design & technology is the bond that turns experiences from good to great.
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